Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be buried if I'm not religious?

Yes you can.   I have conducted many burial services, some following a service in the crematorium chapel and others after a service in a burial chapel.   

Can I book you direct?

Yes absolutely.   Some families have contacted me  before arranging a funeral date and time to ensure that I am available on the date that they would prefer.   I can then liaise with the funeral home directly.

Do we have to have a hymn?

No, it's entirely a matter of personal choice.  Many now do not sing hymns and prefer to listen to some reflection music.   Those who have a faith can say a quiet prayer at this time.   Some who would like a hymn but do not want to sing opt to listen to a choral version of the hymn they have chosen.

Is the Lord's Prayer in every service?

No.   You may feel that it is right to have The Lord's Prayer, you may prefer a more personal prayer or have none at all.

Can we have this/can we do that?

The answer to these questions is usually always yes.   If it's personal to you and your loved one (and of course legal!) then you should have what you want within the service. It's your time to say goodbye to your loved one in a fitting and reflective way.

There are no 'silly' questions....

When you have experienced a close bereavement, I feel that you become a member of a club that you don't want to belong to.   Arranging a funeral for the first time can be daunting.   Therefore, do ask any question that springs to mind - if it's something you're not sure of, you need to have peace of mind at such a difficult time.